Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Most Worn Items This Month - Bringing 90's Back

Photographer: Gemma Jamieson

April has been one of those months that has went over so fast that you don't even remember what you have done for most of it. In the middle of April I relaunched my blog which you can read all about here. With the relaunch I knew I wanted to get a bit more fashion content on my blog and I thought one way I would do that is to start  a little series on my blog about my most worn items that month. I've written about 3 main items that I've worn tonnes over the past month and will most likely wear them all the way through spring. 

              DEMIN JACKETS

Denim Jackets always reminded me of my childhood in the 90's when you would be the coolest kid on the school yard if you owned a denim jacket or you felt like you were part of a 90's girls band (I'm talking about you B*Witched).

I was very Kindly given this Levi Original Trucker Denim Jacket from my younger sister and I fell in love straight away. I have a small collection of denim jackets happening at the moment. I have this dark denim one from Levi but I also have a light denim one from Primark. I find that these types of jackets are perfect for the spring days that we get sometimes where it's just a bit to cold to go out without a jacket.  

Denim Jackets I think are one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe. I've been wearing mine with some skinny high waisted jeans, little summer dress or even just with a simple white tee and skirt. As you can see from the picture you they can make a casual outfit a bit more dressy. This is one of my go to outfits for socialising with friends.


I think you can see a bit of a 90's theme happening here. I saw one of my friends wear a pinafore style dress and I won't lie I fell straight in love and had to ask where it was from. She mentioned it was from Primark and I'm sure that this is the same one and I also just bought a light blue cord version from Urban Outfitters. I don't own a denim style one at the moment but I have found a few on Asos that I'm definitely thinking about getting.

I find these types of dresses so comfortable and the quality of this dress is great (I would recommend sizing up as they are quite tight around the sides). I find that they are really easy to create an outfit. I've never been a girl that can put together outfits very well. Thats why I love these simple dresses, you can dress them up and dance all night or you can put a pair of trainers on and just head down to the pub. 
I'm trying to get more colour into my wardrobe, which is why I've gone for this burgundy instead of a black one. I think this is a great way to do double denim without it been really obvious.


I'm definitely more of a boots girl than a heel girl for no other reason than I just can't walk in heels half the time.

I found these sock style ankle boots in the Primark sale for £6 (BARGAIN) and I fell in love. They have a little bit that you can tighten at the back which I love as I think it give it a little bit of a different touch. These are suede type material which I think gives the shoes a more expensive look and go great with this outfit. 

I've found that recently that I use ankle boots to help make a outfit as for some reason I'm more out there with my shoes than I am with my clothes. I'm hoping to change that in time but I'm in the process of making a blog post all about my ankle boot collection (as it is getting quite big).

Well that is my most worn items for April and as you can tell there is definitely a 90's theme going on. I hope you like this post and that I will hopefully keep up this little series as I've quite enjoyed showing what I wore this month.

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